Blog posts of '2016' 'January'

Serbia, the European Champion

The Serbian National Waterpolo Team regained the title of champion of Europe in 2016, the whole team being dressed with Keel suits and bathrobes for the final game, in front of 16,000 fans and supporters in the Kombank Arena in Belgrade. They took on and won against Montenegro in the finals, with a score of 10:8, winning the title for the third time in a row. The women’s National Team was also equipped with Keel suits, and got 9th place.

It was a very interesting final game to the championship, as Montenegro was holding the lead for most of the game, until the beginning of the last quarter of the game, where Serbia got the lead for the first time. A couple minutes into the quarter, and it was 9:6 for the home team. But, the Montenegrian team started getting close toward the end, with the score being 9:8. The defining goal was scored by Milan Aleksic, who insured the Serbian win with the goal.

Andrija Prlainovic was proclaimed the MVP of the championship, scoring 18 goals and 22 assists over the course of the tournament. The most goals went to Seiven Kamiljeri from Malta, with 22 goals. The hungarian Victor Nad was named the best goalie of the tournament.