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Olympiacos claim Greek cup to complete dominant season
Olympiacos claim Greek cup to complete dominant season

Olympiacos, who play in Keel gear, have completed their dominant season in Greece unbeaten by winning the double following the national cup victory over rivals Vouliagmeni 12-5 (3-1, 3-1, 3-1, 3-2) in the final. The double victory meant already the 15th in team history. Olympiacos had defeated Panathinaikos 14-2 in the semifinal. The very rich history of the club feature 52 trophies including 30 national championships, 18 cup wins and 2 super cup victories. In additional Olympiacos won the Champions League (2002) and European Super once.

Olympiacos also claimed the national championship this season dominating Vouliagmeni 3-0 in the play-offs finals series. Thanks to 11-3, 10-8 and 10-5 victories the Piraeus based side claimed their championship ahead of the season finale in the Champions League Final Six in Budapest.

Partizan win 27th national title
Partizan win 27th national title

Partizan, who compete in Keel equipment, have clinched the 27th national championship in team history after holding off rivals Red Star 10-9 in a tumultuous final match in their Banjica home pool. Despite the better start for the home team Red Star hung on and a close game went all the way into the final phase. Following a Nemanja Vico goal Partizan entered the finale with a big 2-goal lead. It proved decisive after Repanovic struck for Red Star but the home team held on blocking a last attempt by Stefan Ilic as celebrations began with Partizan finishing their season claiming both domestic trophies.

Partizan Raiffeisen – Red Star 10-9 (6-4, 0-1, 1-2, 3-2)

PARTIZAN: Rističević (6 saves), Gielen 2, Tikas, Manojlović, Subotić 2 (1), Drašović, Gogov 2, Jakšić 2, Vico 1, Tanasković, Lazić, Asanović 1, Brakočević, Radojević.

RED STAR: Kralj (8 saves), Janković, Jovanović, Repanović 2, Kljajević, Rackov 2, Aksentijević 1, Andrejević 1, Ilić, Tankosić, Drašković 1 (1), Peković 2, Todorovski, Jović.